April Cash Showers at Intertops Casino Offers Exciting Bonuses


Intertops Casino is giving away $70,000 worth of casino bonuses in their April Cash Showers promotion.  To participate, all players need to do is play any of Intertops Casino’s 300 games.  Just by playing during the promotional period, players will automatically receive points.  Participants will then be ranked in six levels depending on their deposit amounts, wins, and losses.

Due to their six tiered ranking system, low rollers, high rollers, and every other player in between at Intertops Casino has an opportunity to win.  Therefore, regardless of how much players may deposit or play, everyone has a shot at winning some free money.

The April Cash Showers event will continue until May 2nd.  On May 3rd, there will be six random draws that will award players with awesome prizes that include three times $1,000 in cash.

At any point during the event, players can check where they rank and the number of points they have by viewing the online scoreboard at Intertops Casino.

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Bonus Master
April 10, 2012

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